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simply effectiveCans work well for beans and vegetables but fail miserably in sales. Yet, many sales organizations mandate that salespeople memorize or read specific soundbites designed for specific situations. Would you want to be on the receiving end of one of these impersonal, canned statements? This type of sales practice is just one of many reasons why people dislike hearing a sales pitch.

In Sales Yoga, we practice the art of Integrative Questioning to build rapport, develop understanding, and determine the value our customers require. This easy-to-use technique simply requires using all or a portion of a buyer’s response to keep the conversation moving forward.

A typical conversation using Integrative Questions goes something like this:

“Mrs. Buyer, why where you interested in meeting with me today?”

“Joe Smith had good things to say about you. We’re pretty happy with our current vendor, but we’re always open to new possibilities.”

“What would make you happier?”

“Well, that’s a good question. One thing is that it would be great if we could get what we need faster.”

“How much faster?”

“Right now, it takes four or five days. One to two days would be great.”

“What impact would getting what you need in one to two days have on your business?”

“Wow! I hadn’t really thought about that. I’m sure it would save us not just those extra days, but also some money.”

“How much money?

“Gee, if I had to guess, at least a few thousand dollars a week.”

“So if I can deliver what you need in one to two days, are you ready to start saving over $100,000 a year?”

“If you can show me a solution that does that, yes, I’m open to it.”

How could she not say “yes” to her own idea of something that would make her happier?

And no cans required!

Scott WintripCan the Canned Selling

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