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The Importance of What You Do
How to Wow Top Talent
The Hiring Process Doesn't Have to be an Episode of 'Survivor'
How to Generate 20 Job Candidate Referrals in 20 Minutes
Skip Prichard's Leadership Insights

The Importance of What You Do

Writing can be tricky. Sometimes an article has a positive impact. Other times, a piece ends up being a dud. Then there are those articles that stand the test of time. Here’s one of them.

I wrote the original version of The Importance of What You Do 17 years ago. Threase Baker, President of ABBTECH Professional Resources, sent me a copy of the original article, asking if I remembered when I wrote it. She went on to say that she’d been resending it to her staff every month for the past 17 years. Wow! I was stunned.

As a result of her comment, thought it was time to share it again. This time, I’ve updated it to include everyone in companies, organizations, and staffing and recruiting firms who are involved in hiring each day.

I hope you find this piece as meaningful as Threase did.


You have one of the most important jobs in the world. Why? Because you impact one of the most important aspects of each person's life—how they earn their income. Your contribution helps them pay their mortgage, feed their families, and purchase birthday presents for their children.

You also make a valuable contribution to the most important resource of a company—their people.

Without you, countless individuals would end up struggling through the job search process. You make it easier by paving the way for them.

Numerous positions would take longer to fill or even go unfilled without the help you provide.

You impact your co-workers each day in ways that you probably do not realize. It may be something as profound as the solution you offer for a problem or as simple as a shared smile that brightens their day.

During the very lonely and frightening experience of being "downsized," you are there. You are a friendly face at a time when jobseekers need it the most.

Hiring managers benefit not only from your efforts, but also your insights. Your knowledge of hiring and the availability of talented candidates helps them every time you share this information with them.

Can one person make a difference? You already have just by choosing your career.

Thank you for the important impact that you make each day!

How to Wow Top Talent

John Smith (yes, that’s his real name) attended a recent keynote I gave in Washington, D.C. He bought a copy of my new book and immediately starting implementing the ideas in it. Here’s what he had to say just a week later:

“I tried your experiential interview idea yesterday. It was a mind-blowing!! Here’s the comment I got from a candidate afterward.”


Thank you for taking the time to meet with me today. I appreciate your time and the strategies incorporated in the interview process. It was truly a unique and informative session; I was very impressed with the interview techniques utilized.

Look forward to hearing from you soon; again, thanks for the opportunity.  I truly believe I will be a viable asset to the organization.



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The Hiring Process Doesn't Have to be an Episode of 'Survivor'

I had the honor of chatting with Rob Nikolewski, a reporter with The San Diego Union Tribune. We discussed why hiring is stressful and time-consuming, the changes that eliminate these issues, and details on a fast and accurate approach to interviewing job candidates.

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How to Generate 20 Job Candidate Referrals in 20 Minutes

People are generous. When you ask for their help in the right way, you’ll be amazed at the result. Including when you ask for referrals to top talent. In this video, I walk you through a four-step process that can land you 20 job candidate referrals in just 20 minutes.

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Skip Prichard's Leadership Insights

Leadership expert Skip Prichard has interviewed hundreds of business leaders, including Dan Rather, Condoleezza Rice, and Senator Bill Bradley.

I had the pleasure of discussing my research on hiring and my new book with Skip. You can check it our here. While on his site, be sure to sign up to get his free updates on a variety of leadership topics.

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